3 Top Financial Templates For Venture-Backed Startups

 By Oran Yehiel
Templates Recommended For Your Startup: Budget Plan, Investor Report, Cap Table

Professional Startup Templates

If you are looking for professional templates such as budget plan, investor report and cap table, to help you effectively manage your startup metrics, you are in the right place.

This article doesn't list every template out there but focuses only on the 3 top financial templates for venture-backed startups you'll need to run your financials effectively.

These three templates passed the investors' test and are used by top startups who raised millions of dollars in venture capital.

Every business is relying on reports and metrics to make proper decisions, track performance, and report to stakeholders like investors, banks, auditors, suppliers, clients, and more.

As soon as you start using them, the easier it will be to keep proper and updated records of your financials and get ready for any due diligence or government support application process.

1.Budget Plan Template

Professional 5-YEAR budget plan prepared by veteran CFO, includes eye-catching graphs to emphasis the company financial trends and growth. You can use this template when pitching to investors and when running your day-to-day financials or submitting a government support application. It will help you make the right business decisions, wil save you time and make it easy for you to plug in your numbers.

2. Investor Report Template

Investor report template prepared by one of the largest and most prominent VC firms in the world. When you are using this template, you know it passed the investor test! This report is best used for your monthly reporting, both qualitative and quantitative information you would like to share with your investors.

3. Cap Table Template

In this template, you'll find a table outlining an analysis of a company's shareholders ownership, equity dilution implications, and essential records of each equity round no matter if its founders, investors, employees and consultants. It also includes a future round scenarios with multiple valuation, CLA and SAFE assumpotions.

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About the author 

Oran Yehiel

Entrepreneur, a strategic consultant, and part-time CFO for early-stage and growth companies (CPA, MBA). Extensive experience with tech and SaaS startups, helping them with revenue models, funnel building, and financial planning & analysis. His clients raised well over $150M in aggregated funding, and he was part of 4 Exit events and IPO. Formerly ICQ CFO (acquired for $187M by Mail.ru) and ex-Deloitte.

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