the startup hub STORY

How We Evolved To Better Serve You

I wanted to share with you the story about The Startup Hub so you can understand the reason we do what we do and why we care so much about your startup growth...

Our Journey

The Startup Hub early days

The Startup Hub early days

Over the past decade, as I’ve helped literally hundreds of startup founders and entrepreneurs grow their business by better understanding and better serving their market, I noticed one BIG issue coming up time and time again...

1. our clients struggled to raise venture capital, and even when they succeeded


2. they had hard time to scale their just didn't work as planned

No Funding

Top Funding Sources

Without funding, many good entrepreneurs were forced to bury their startup idea.

And those who had access to capital and talented employees find it hard to reach the 7 and 8-figure revenue mark.

That led me to the inevitable conclusion:


But if money is not a guarantee for success, then what is?

Our main goal is to:

1. Debunk one of the biggest fallacy ever existed; and

2. Give you the tools and resources you need to grow your startup

Believe it or not, those who raise are the exception, and I found out that many successful entrepreneurs did it without having to raise millions in venture capital (check out ClickFunnels, ahrefs, Spanx, MailChimp to name a few...)

And what is better than learning how others, just like you, did it and to model their success?

This is why I've decided to come up with the idea of The Startup Hub. A place where you can find all the training, tools and resources you'll ever need to grow your startup, even without venture capital. 

One Hub of motivated founders, a strong community of entrepreneurs who vouch for each other. 

The Startup Hub is a home for founders and entrepreneurs who would like to grow their startup fast with less efforts through professional Tools and Resources.

Here's what I'd like you to take away from all of this...

Enough money to startup by Anna Vital

Anna Vital (Adioma Blog)

  • In 99% of the cases, you don't need to raise venture capital to gain success.
  •  Startup success follows formulas and blueprints
  • YOU can LEARN those formulas and blueprints
  • When you do... you can literally change your life forever
  • The Startup Hub can help you do that faster than you ever dreamed possible

Main Services

CTO Services

A professional team of developers and QA engineers will help you get your MVP up and running at an affordable cost. 

IP & Legal Service

Not sure if you need to file for a patent? or what is the best way to do to protect your valuable asset? Consult with our startup IP experts. 

CFO Services

Have peace of mind knowing your books are handled by a top accounting team led by a veteran startup CFO. Learn more here

R&D Tax Credits

Get professional government grants application consulting. FREE eligibility check, high success rate. Learn more here

Sales Funnel & Business plan 

Forget about the old and outdated 70-page business plan. Sales funnel is the new currency for healthy startup growth.

HR Services

Employment agreements, Options, Payroll, Social Benefits, National insurance, we've got you covered with all of your HR needs.

Meeting Startup Professionals

During the years, I had to chance the meet and work with startup professionals from all areas of expertise.

They were eager to prove themselves and did a great job helping entrepreneurs and founders overcome challenges in their domain of expertise.

It was a stepping stone to create an alliance of professionals that will operate under one umbrella, forming a community of vetted professionals that help motivated entrepreneurs grow their startup.   

Here are few of our awesome members

Oran Yehieli

Worked with over 50 entrepreneurs from different kinds of industries and backgrounds. Was part of 4 exits and IPO readiness. out of the box thinker and strategist.


financial expert


Protecting your most valuable ideas and technologies, vast experience with SaaS and technology companies with unique strategies to effectively protect your IP  


IP Expert


Organisational Development Consultant,  improving work processes and leadership skills, as a basis for growth and achievement of business goals.


human resources


specializing in R&D grants and non-dilutive funding sources. Vast experience in the governmental funding for high-tech and tech companies.


gov't grant wizard

why working with us?

Over 50+ Happy Clients and Still Counting

Vetted Professionals

All of our members are carefully selected, and each one of them has at least five years of experience working closely with founders.


We only work with startups, this is our domain of expertise. Our clients raised well over $150M in aggregate funding, and four of them made it to the exit while one was ready for an IPO

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the only firm that offers a satisfaction guarantee with a 30-days money-back guarantee.


Check what our clients say about The Startup Hub

Taking on the services lead by Oran was the best decision I made as CEO of Edgify. The knowledge and experience that Oran brings to a growing company is priceless for all stages of the development.

Ofri Ben Porat

Founder Edgify (London)

We have been working with Oran and his team for years. They are a valued member of our team. They have designed, built, monitored and maintained the accounting infrastructure of our subsidiary company. They provide insight and financial reporting that enables us to better understand the financial health of our company.

Jed Englund

director of finance t-rex (new york)

Oran and his team joined us following our seed round to manage the company's financials. It helped me to free up time to focus on building our product for the next round. It was one of the best decisions I made.

Sharon Magen

founder datawit (tel-aviv)


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Simply put, instead of wasting ton of time looking for great startup professionals, meet with them separately, get referrals, engage with them, just to find out sometimes that you are not a good fit, we help you avoid the trouble by working directly with The Startup Hub.

And we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What’s My Investment?

How much is unclear financials costing you? Does your team function to its fullest potential? How many hats will you wear until you understand that it hurts your productivity? How many investors are passing up your startup? Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service? A lack of professional guidance may already be costing you a great deal.

The Startup Hub is a Simple, Yet Most Powerful Way to Launch and Grow Your Startup

With Clients In New York, London, Stockholm, Moscow, Tel-Aviv And More We Can Back You Up No Matter Where You Are Operating From, Join Us Today!