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Bootstrapped Reveals: How 75 Entrepreneurs Successfully Bootstrapped Their Startup And How You Can Too!

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Bootstrapped author introduction 


I've learned the hard way that most entrepreneurs will never make it raise venture capital.

You see, when my clients, mainly founders of SaaS startups, struggled to raise venture capital, when I saw what this process did to them in terms of emotional setbacks and business regression, I've decided to help them in any way I can.

When I discovered that only 0.5% could raise money for their startup, I wanted to give my clients the guidance they need to overcome this enormous challenge.

Believe it or not, those who raise are the exception, and I found out that many successful entrepreneurs did it without having to raise venture capital.

And what is better than learning how others, just like you, did it and to model their success?

This is why I've decided to buy the distribution rights of the book Bootstrapped.

The book tells the story of carefully selected 75 entrepreneurs, who, against all the odds, brought their ideas to fruition without begging for outside money.

They did it the hard way, but they enjoyed working for themselves and keeping the whole company under their control.

I encourage you to learn those stories and to get the aspiration and motivation you need, to bring your dream into reality.


Who Are Bootstrappers?

For the most part, they are just like you and me. The MAJOR difference between successful Bootstrappers and you is this. They take action with their ideas. They don’t over think, over analyze, or wait for the “perfect” time to bring their ideas to market.


4 things you need to get started with right now (part 1)

This is where most aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck. They want to start their own business, but they just can’t seem to find a “good” business idea.


So what’s your next step?

Taking action


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