Maybe it's time to re-position yourself and this time build strong foundations.

If you are just getting started or you are 3-5 years down the road with your startup but didn't achieve any significant progress...

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels Founder

Russell Brunson, who took his SaaS company from 0 to $100M in 3 years, without venture capital or salespeople, once said: 

"if you want to 10x your company, if you want to destroy your competition, a funnel is the way to do it" 

Follow These Simple Steps To Hit The Ground Running with comprehensive Startup Tools For Founders And Entrepreneurs


Step #1- Get The Funnel Books

Learn how to build a successful online business directly from the king of funnels and the founder of ClickFunnels, a $1B SaaS company. Through his books, you will learn how to find your dream clients and to effectively communicate with them, the value ladder concept, the three types of traffic, types of funnels, how to bring your voice to the market, build a mass movement and become a leader.

Here are the recommended books:

DotCom Secrets | Expert Secrets | The 3 Core Funnels


Step #2- Research Tools

Before you even start working on your online venture, conduct thorough research about the existing competitors and solutions. Check their offering, sales message, pricing points, paid ads, content marketing, to get a good hold on what there is right now and how you can model your BEST competitor's success (don't try to invent the wheel, the graveyard is full of pioneers).

Here are recommended research tools:

ahrefs | FB Ads | BuiltWith


Step #3 - Learn How To Build Your First (or Next) Sales Funnel

Over intensive and truly challenging 30 days, I was able to learn and understand how funnels work, why they work only in a certain way, the difference between product and offer, the importance of the hook, story and offer, and how to build them from scratch. We also discover how to work with social media to get the best results you can, ideas for info products that were shared only with 2CCX members. Above all, we got personal guidance from top leaders in the online marketing world, and this alone worth at least ten times the cost of the challenge.

Get access to One Funnel Away Challenge before it goes offline:

One Funnel Away Challenge


Step #4 - Build a Conversion Based Website

To build a robust online presence that will convert visitors to leads and clients, you need a set of tools that will help you generate beautifully designed pages that are conversion based. 

The list of tools below will help you: 1. build a fast converting website 2. communicate with your leads through powerful marketing automation software 3. create copy that sells 4. create digital products you can leverage for leads attraction, and more.

Here are the tools you'll need to build an online empire:

Namecheap | Thrive Themes | ActiveCampaign | Funnel Scripts

Designrr | Canva | Grammarly | Tutorial | Vimeo


Step #5 - Drive Traffic to Your Funnel & Website

You can drive traffic to your website or funnel through SEO and paid ads. The triggers for both should be via content marketing. It can be done via blog post, podcast, training videos, etc.

Here are some tools that will help you get started:

Traffic Playbook | Teach Traffic | Retargeting Recipes | Traffic Secrets


Step #6 - Measure Your Results & Optimize

You should always measure your results, use split tests of your funnel copy, offering, image to improve your conversion metrics. Tiny tweaks could translate to a higher conversion rate and profitability.

Here are some tools that will help you get started:

108 Split Test Winners | MouseFlow  | Funnelytics

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